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From young to old, John gets high marks!

Regardless of your level of play, John Crouse can help you raise it. 

Tracy Tucker      



I don’t think I had ever picked up a racket before meeting John for a lesson. As a beginner, I needed to find someone patient and accommodating to help me learn the game. John was adaptable and encouraging, never letting me get down on myself for missing shots and always bringing his skills down to a level that is both challenging and supportive. I attribute the hours of fun I’m now able to have playing tennis with friends to my time working with John. If you’re looking for a reliable guy and fantastic instructor for any level of play, John’s your man. 


Jordan Berry 



I've been playing tennis forty-two years, and every time I work with John I can't decide if he's teaching me something new or reminding me of what I already know but have become too constricted to do. John is an experienced scholar of the game. He can teach everything from fundamentals for beginners to holistic tactical, psychological and even spiritual aspects of tennis. He's a total trip, and unlike any other tennis pro you will meet. Every aspiring tennis player should allow themselves 'The John Crouse Experience'.

Kevin O'Leary


John has been a tremendous coach and now friend. He is always my first call on my trips to the island. His wholistic approach to tennis and gentle delivery have helped both my technical and mental game. I've worked with a number of coaches through the years but no instructor has resonatedfor me like John. I highly recommend working with him.

Ken Reber

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